PolTel joined the fast growing companies operating in the market for local phone service and internet access in 2003 .

Was the first Polish-American company in the United States to receive a license to engage in the telecommunications market place.

Based on decades of experience, the employees at PolTel believe that working with the client does not end with the presentation of a competitive offer linked to the supply needs of telecommunications customers.

The company's goal in equal measure is the establishment of contacts with other companies and social-cultural organizations. This cooperation is based on mutual support of its activities, promote its services and increase brand awareness of both projects.

By choosing to work with PolTel, our business customers receive:

  • Access to products and services provided by PolTel
  • Free advertising through the company's information concerning the business correspondence to PolTel clients
  • Free inclusion of your company name and information about activities at poltel.us
  • Access to the PolTel Partner Program where the company can derive additional financial benefits

PolTel - Join us !!

We will do everything to make sure our cooperation will bring benefits to our partners contributing to further growth and building an attractive image as well as reputation for both companies.